Experiencing 911

Dear Mr Cole,

I have just sent back to Sandra Jelmi my translation into French of your 9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion, and would like to share with you my impression that yr video is not, again, only clear in terms of basic physics (generally I find you take great pain, like Hercules’ in his too easy 12 duties, explaining so simple evidences to people – especially architects or scientists – who ought to acknowledge them by merely seeing hem. And I am quite happy to find myself, thank you Sandra, in a position to serve heroes be known in another language).

I find your video has its beauty of its own, being able to aim to an ethical issue which has become my concern, as an architect myself, and motive for collaborating to AE. I made a note especially of your conclusion saying that “the ghosts of 9/11 will forever haunt the engineering and academic world”, a conclusion that I don’t take at all as mere rhetoric, as well as “ethics”, which I would like to explain as a concern.

I am not particularly keen on physics, but a Fazlur Khan taught me easily something capital about my profession, by saying: “When thinking design, I put myself in the place of a whole building, feeling every part. In my mind I visualize the stresses and twisting a building undergoes.”
This appeared to me as a statement of responsibility of the designer, because it implies his own concrete body into the construction – not only modeling, as you appropriately emphasis about science. It makes me understand that the personal rapport of the designer to the building, is quintessential to value the building – even if not a masterpiece, even if not tall, but even more so if it is.
And, it is also a more general statement of responsibility of man to thinking, inhabiting, building his own earthly condition, in a process where these activities become symbolized in his works for making his civilization.
I say symbol not as for the grandeur the building can have but on the contrary as linguists use that notion about commonplace language. The person, body, mind and ability of the designer, therefore of man, are represented by the building, and this symbolic, thou discreet, permanent representation is mainly, or all about reasonable knowledge of the building, where reason is first of all the sharing of notions of use, forces and beauty, a partage of the common necessity and amenity of life with others, including new, next generations. These natural conditions are symbolized, I suggest, in modern era, mainly by newtonian laws – and throu the subconscious, acquired knowledge we have of them.

Now, what if the matter of this sharing can’t use anymore a language made of permanent, consistent and reliable reason? What about sharing poison for instance? I believe that we are in an epoch where this difficult question is put, permanently striking, and avoided. And that 911 truth cause, far beyond facts but wholly relying on their understanding, is language, not as a thing only abstract but as a conditional exchange device for civilization.

Sorry to keep you reading that too long part of my still confuse, progressing, thoughts.
Yours sincerely,


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